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“I am the youngest of you. I may be a boy, my feet may not be strong enough but, O messenger of Allah, I shell be your helper. Whoever opposes you, I shall fight him as a mortal enemy.”
These were the words of Ali, the cousin of the Prophet and then only a boy of ten. He spoke these words before the elders of Quraish during the dinner hosted by the Prophet to invite them to Islam.
Ali was the person who risked his life for the Prophet and slept in the Prophet’s bed when the unbelievers laid a siege around the Prophet’s house to kill him on the night of his migration.
The same Ali was elected the fourth Khalifah of Islam after Uthman. He was the son of Abu Talib the Prophet’s uncle.
Ali was married to the Prophet’s daughter Fatimah and they had two ones, Hassan and Husain, whom the Prophet loved very dearly.
He took part in the battles of Badr, Ahzab and Khaibar. At Khaibar, it was Ali who subdued the Jews by his furious assault.
Ali held many important positions during the life of the Prophet and the three Claiphs (Khulafah) before him’.
He was elected Khalifah at a very delicate time, when the muslim Ummah (community) was torn by internal strife and the sad incident of the murder of Uthman, the third Khalifah, had taken place. The murder of Uthman by a group of riotous Muslims had a tremendous effect on later Islamic history. It divided the once cohesive, united and determined Muslim Uthman and factions fought bloody battles among themselves.
The once powerful Islamic army which fought the wrong-doers and rescued those suffering from the exploitation and tyranny of the mighty Persian and Roman empires had now become seriously involved in internal clashes.
The talented and able ruler, Ali, had to spend much of his time pacifying the warring factions of the Muslims, He tried his best to reconcile the opposing groups and restore peace but without much success. The Ummah was dangerously divided and catastrophic consequences followed. Groupings developed and mutual trust and confidence were undermined.
During this turmoil, Ali, the fourth Khalifah of Islam, was fatally wounded during Salatul-Fajr by one Ibn Muljim. Ali died on Friday, 20 Ramadan 40 AH (659CE)
Ali rule lasted for four years, nine months and the whole of that time was a period of unrest.
Ali lived a very simple and austere life. He was a very generous and courageous person and had a keen sense of justice.
Ali loved learning and was a great and learned person himself. He had been given the title of “Gate of learning” by the Prophet. He was also called Asadullah (Lion of Allah).
Some important saying of Ali
1. One who knows himself, knows his Creator.
2. If you love Allah, tear out your heart’s love of the world.
3. The fear of Allah makes one secure.
4. How can you rejoice about life that grows shorter each hour?
5. A world-wide reputation can be undone by an hour’s degradation.
6. Three defects make life miserable :
7. One who is proud of worldly possessions in this fleeting existence is ignorant.
8. Joy is followed by tears.
9. Each breath of man is a step nearer to death.
10. The best man is he who is most helpful to his fellow-men.
11. One who thinks himself the best is the worst.
12. The hated person is one who returns evil for good.
13. Virtue is the key to success.
14. Learned men live even after death; ignorant men are dead although alive.
15. There is no treasure like knowledge.
16. Knowledge is wisdom and the educated man is the wise man.
17. Experience is knowledge gained.
18. Who never corrects himself will never correct another.
19. Listen, and you will teach yourself: remain silent, and you risk nothing.
20. One who reflects on Allah’s gifts, succeeds.
21. Ignorance harms a man more than a cancer in the body.
22. One of the signs of a stupid man is the frequent change of opinion.
23. Never speak when it is not the time for speech.
24. Beware of back-biting: it sows the seeds of bitterness, and separates you from Allah and man.
25. The best truth is the keeping of promises.
26. Better be dumb than lie.
27. Do not flatter, it is not sign of faith.
28. A hypocrite’s tongue is clean, but there is sickness in his heart.
29. Batter to be alone than with bad company.
30. Whoever sows good reaps his reward.

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