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When Muhammad (pbuh) was fifteen, a local war broke out during the Hajj season between the tribes of Quraish and Hawazin. According to Makkan tradition, war was forbidden in the pilgrimage season (hajj). Despite this, the war lasted four years, with intervals, and caused tremendous hardship to people on both sides. Life was becoming intolerable because of the unnecessary bloodshed.

The reason for the war seemed silly to Muhammad (pbuh)and he felt quite disgusted at the senseless bloodshed. But it made people think. It inspired many of them to take steps to the war and make peace.
Upon the initiative of Az-Zubair, Muhammad's (pbuh) uncle, a meeting was called at the house of Abdullah Ibn Jud'an. Who was an influential and wealth person.
A society called Hilf-ul-ful (Alliance for charity) was formed at this meeting to help the oppressed, the poor and the needy. Muhammad (pbuh) was present at the meeting and took the following oath :
"I uphold the pact concluded in my presence when Ibn Jud'an gave us great banquet Should it ever be invoked, I shall immediately rise to the call."
The participation of Muhammad (pbuh) in Hilf-ul-Fudul is a proof of his concern and interest in welfare activities, even in his youth.
A word of advice for you here. As young people, when you study the life of Muhammad (pbuh), you should decide to take part in the welfare of people in general and the welfare of your fellow youngsters in particular. You should study the life of Muhammad (pbuh), take lessons from it and put them into practice. If you look around you, you will find many unjust and wrong things are taking roof in society. You should decide as a young person to do whatever you can to remedy injustices and wrong-doing.


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