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Allah has created every living being in pairs - male and female (51:49) - including mankind. Allah has honored the children of Adam - both male and female (17:70). Men and women who believe are protectors of one another (9:71) Allah will reward both men and women in the life after death (3:195)

In Islam a women has a distinct and separate identity. Islam has given her the right to own property. She is the owner of her earnings. No-one (father, husband or brother) has right over them. She can dispose of her earnings and property as she wishes, within the bounds of Halal (lawful) and Haram (unlawful)
Islam has given women a right to inheritance. She has a claim on the property of her dead father, husband or childless brother (4:7, 32:176).
A women has the right to choose her husband. No-one can impose a decision on her against her will. She has a right to seek separation (khula) from her husband if their marriage becomes impossible to sustain.
If any man falsely questions a women's chastity, that man is declared unfit for given evidence (24:4). This shows how a women's honor is safeguarded from false accusations.
The Qur'an asks the Muslim to treat women kindly (4:19). It makes Muslim husbands responsible for their wife's maintenance. The women, in return, are expected to remain to obedient and chaste (4:34).
A women has right to develop her talents and to work within the limits of Islam. Islam allows a non-Muslim married women to retain her religion and her husband cannot interfere in this freedom. This applies to Christian and Jewish women with Muslim husbands.


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