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1 Akhirah | 0:Post | 482:Views
2 Death | 0:Post | 522:Views
3 The Collection and Compilation of the Quran | 0:Post | 535:Views
4 The Qur’an | 0:Post | 502:Views
5 The Books of Allah | 0:Post | 463:Views
6 Angels (Mala'ikah) | 0:Post | 380:Views
7 Risalah (Prophethood) | 0:Post | 582:Views
8 Al-Qadr | 0:Post | 393:Views
9 Effect of Tawhid on Human Life | 0:Post | 2245:Views
10 Tawhid (oneness of Allah) | 0:Post | 405:Views
11 Basic Beliefs | 0:Post | 452:Views
12 Introduction | 0:Post | 394:Views

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Masjid Rotator

National Mosque of Malaysia

Place: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Year Built: 1965

Details:The National Mosque of Malaysia is located in Kuala Lumpur. It has a capacity of 15,000 people and is situated among 13 acres of beautiful gardens.

Dua Rotator

Before Sleep: O Allah, Verily You Have Created My Soul


‘O Allah, verily You have created my soul and You shall take it’s life, to You belongs it’s life and death. If You should keep my soul alive then protect it, and if You should take its life then forgive it. O Allah, I ask You to grant me good health.’