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1 Akhirah | 0:Post | 214:Views
2 Death | 0:Post | 196:Views
3 The Collection and Compilation of the Quran | 0:Post | 226:Views
4 The Qur’an | 0:Post | 264:Views
5 The Books of Allah | 0:Post | 208:Views
6 Angels (Mala'ikah) | 0:Post | 199:Views
7 Risalah (Prophethood) | 0:Post | 247:Views
8 Al-Qadr | 0:Post | 210:Views
9 Effect of Tawhid on Human Life | 0:Post | 635:Views
10 Tawhid (oneness of Allah) | 0:Post | 206:Views
11 Basic Beliefs | 0:Post | 222:Views
12 Introduction | 0:Post | 210:Views

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Masjid Rotator

The Kaaba

Place: Al Haram, Mecca 24231, Saudi Arabia

Year Built: 21

Details:The Kaaba or Ka'aba is a cuboid building at the center of Islam's most sacred mosque, Al-Masjid al-Haram, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is the most sacred site in Islam.

Dua Rotator

Dua to Say Before Salam in Salah


‘O Allah, I take refuge in You from miserliness and cowardice, I take refuge in You lest I be returned to the worst of lives, and I take refuge in You from the trials and tribulations of this life and the punishment of the grave.’